For as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera in my hands, wanting to capture anything and everything. I was the kid that made music videos in her bedroom, the big sister that took 13084302 photos on every family vacation, and the 16 year old that binge watched wedding videos until 2 am (usually crying happy tears over the love between two people I had never met). It’s truly wild to look back on my childhood now and realize that my love for storytelling and transforming moments into documented memories started at such a young age. I filmed my first wedding when I was only 18, and 5+ years later I still get butterflies thinking about that day. 

Hi there! I’m Abby. I’m based in Virginia, but I have big ‘ol plans to see the world. Better yet, let’s adventure together!!!

Once we get to hangout in person you’ll quickly realize a few things:

I tell way too many dad jokes, I cry almost every time I see a cute animal (this also applies to old people eating alone), I have a detailed google doc and/or spreadsheet for everything, I am a taco bell fanatic, I wear crocs unironically, I never go anywhere without chapstick and a snack, and I am always down for a spontaneous adventure- especially if it involves a road trip. My couples truly become my friends, and I love that our close relationship allows them to feel super comfortable in front of my camera. This helps create the space for those super sweet moments to unfold organically and unprompted- which I love!!! 

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Wherever + however you choose to celebrate your love, my camera batteries are already charged (; 

  • Wanna say your vows at the top of an 8 mile hike? I’ll bring the headlamps and bear spray. 
  • Planning to do engagement photos at the bottom of a waterfall? My swimsuit is packed! 
  • Just decided you want to elope in Iceland next week?!? I’m IN.

I’d absolutely love to capture your one-of-a-kind love story. 

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