Thanks to Ryan, I know how it feels to be head over heels in love - and I can’t wait to capture that feeling for you!!

Play with our doggo, Koda
Spend all day out on the lake (usually with him driving the boat + me wakeboarding)

Eat an absurd amount of Mike + Ike’s and Dairy Queen

Snuggle up to watch Seinfeld, Money Heist, Friends, Designated Survivor, or Bloodline

Play tennis and pickleball with our local pals 

Cheer for UVA, JMU, and the Nationals!!

Spend as much time at the beach as humanly possible

some of our favorite things to do together

Ryan is the logical, patient, goofy, driven, and thoughtful half of our relationship. He balances me out, helps me look at the world with wonder and curiosity, makes me laugh harder + more often than I thought was possible, and understands me to my core. He is my absolute bestest friend - I can’t wait to do forever with him!!

We met back in 2015 when a mutual friend set us up to go to prom together! The lake we took our prom photos at that night is the same lake he proposed in front of 8 years later (:

More about me + Ryan

...I’m convinced that being in love is the best thing in the world. i’ve been with my sweet guy since we were only 17, and i’ve been absolutely smitten since day 1. you know when you set your phone background to a new photo of you and your person and every time you look at it you get that warm fuzzy feeling??? You deserve to get that feeling every time you scroll through your elopement photo gallery or watch your elopement film. I always always always want my photos + videos to take you back to what those moments felt like, not just how they looked. 


  • I AM A TACO BELL FANATIC (order #7 is my go-to)
  • I tell way too many dad jokes
  • I have 0 fear of heights and often end up slightly too close to the edge while hiking (sorry mom)
  • I am the oldest of 8 (!!) kiddos
  • I cry almost every time I see a cute animal (this also applies to seeing old people eating alone)
  • I have a detailed google doc for EVERYTHING - I am definitely the planner of my friend group and love planning our bucket list girls trips 
  • I wear crocs un-ironically 
  • I never go anywhere without chapstick and a snack
  • I not only binge watch Survivor, but have convinced myself I could win???

A few things that define my personality

4/7 Continents

14/195 Countries

16/63 US national parks

The Ever Growing Travel Checklist

check out my travel page for my upcoming travel schedule!!

& of course, I am always down for a spontaneous trip

Ready to add me to your elopement itinerary?

only your love can bring


Epic Adventure

the most


that only your love can bring

Epic Adventure



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