Big Sur Sunrise Elopement // Claire + Jordan

March 31, 2022


Rainy Sunrise Elopement At Big Sur, CA With Claire + Jordan

We woke up before the sunrise and the whole drive to the beach in the dark we could see and hear the rain getting heavier and heavier. when the sun finally started to peek through the fog, it revealed the craziest waves I’ve ever seen. they were MASSIVE and I quite literally stood there in awe of them for 5 minutes straight.

It rained and misted on us for the entirety of the shoot. the kind of rain that’s strong enough to make your hair get all frizzy but soft enough that you’d be willing to stand in it all day just to see the view. it was the type of comfortable morning cold where you feel wide awake and have that rare sense of mental clarity that only seems to happen on cold, rainy mornings like this one. like your brain feels 1000% on and your senses seem heightened…do you know what I mean????

claire + jordan ran around the beach in the most free, childlike way. they were spinning and laughing in one moment, and quietly embracing in the next. it was all things dreamy and whimsical and romantic.

I’ve never been much of a morning person, but I’d wake up before the sun over and over for another morning like this one.


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